Huberdeau, Jonathan (can go in between 3-6)

Jonathan has been the dark horse of this years draft, he was not mentioned too much at the beginning of the year but since the Top Prospects Game he seems to have asserted himself as one of the better offensive players in the draft. He uses his size well, and is a fast skater, but what impresses most people is his determination and his creativity. Most would think that his 42 goals would indicate a pure scorer, but once you see him play you realize he is a team player and a great playmaker. He does not care who scores as long as the Sea Dogs put one in. Watch for his stock to rise as the playoff wind down.

Hamilton, Dougie (can go in between 5-10)

There is one thing that no scouts can deny, Hamilton has size. Standing at 6 foot 4 Hamilton is a threatening figure on the backend. But what impresses most scouts is his offensive prowess. He is has been great on Niagara's power play this year, wether he is quarter backing it from the blue line or screening the net minder in front. He will be a great asset to which ever team drafts him. 

Jacobs, Colin (can go in between 45-60)

Colin's stock was beginning to rise near the start of the new year, but he has seemed to hit a standstill of late, at least offensively. He finished the year with 22 and 22, not bad for a rookie in the CHL, but his coach has been praising his defensive game all year and his ability to kill penalties. Jacobs is a good two way forward in the CHL and should see himself picked in the later half of the second round. 

Jaskin, Dmitrij (can go in between 45-60)

Jaskin is a very talented hockey player, he has great stick handling skills. He is playing against men in the top Czech Republic league, and his stats have not been great there but his international resume is quite good. He was drafted first overall in the 2010 KHL draft and 60th overall in the 2010 WHL Import draft. He chose to stay in the Czech Republic. He could be a bit of a gamble early but he is definitely a high reward player.

Jenner, Boone (can go in between 25-40

He is not overly big but he plays a very physical game. Add that to some good wheels and decent hands you have a very good player on your hands. Jenner plays an in your face style of game, the knock on him last year however was his high number of penalty minutes. He neerly cut in half his penalty minute numbers this year. He could very well hear his named called on the first day of the draft.

Jensen, Nicklas (can go in between 17-28)

Jensen is a 6 foot 3 forward from Denmark playing for Oshawa in the OHL. His transition to the North American game seems to have gone fairly smoothly, slow at first but he caught fire at the half way mark of the season and did not take his foot of the gas pedle. Good speed, especially for a guy of his size, and excellent hands. Any team that needs speed, size, skill, and offense in one pick should look no further than Nicklas Jensen.

Jurco, Tomas (can go in between 12-22)

Every hockey fan has now seen or heard of Jurco, but not for the right reasons. HIs shootout and trick moves amazed at the Top Prospects Game but that is not the reason he has scouts everywhere talking. Jurco just knows how to score, he knows where to go to get open and get an easy goal or he can create an opportunity for himself using his speed and dangling. Jurco has also shown that he possesses a great shot. Scouts will be following him closely in the playoffs to see how he performs in the clutch, even though he looked pretty good in last years playoffs.

Khokhlachev, Alexander (can go in between 12-25)

As soon as a Russian name is pronounced hockey fans in North America scream Russian Factor, meaning that player will never play in the NHL. Khokhlachev is part of a new wave of Russians, Russians that play in the CHL. In his OHL rookie season he produced all year long, finishing the year with 34 goals and 76 points. Like most Russians the kid has great dangling skills and a quick release, he is a pure scorer. Look for him to make a huge impact in the NHL.

Klefbom, Oscar (can go in between 45-60)

He is a big offensive defensemen, he played 23 games in the Swedish Elite League this year, only logging two points. That being said he has shown he can score goals and run a power play when playing against players of his age groupe, he is still 17. He suffered an injury this year, it will be interesting to see if it affects his draft stock.

Landeskog, Gabriel (can go in between 1-4)

There is a lot of hype for the Kitchener forward, and it is all well deserved. One thing that Landeskog does very well is use his size and play a physical game. He can beat you with skill, smarts or just flat out overpower you. The Swede was named captain of the Rangers and it is clear that he is a great leader, on several occasions he has defended a teamate by dropping the gloves, he is a good fighter. He's a fierce competitor and he plays to win, he will not have to wait long to hear his named called on draft day.

Larsson, Adam (can go in between 1-5)

Larsson is a big defensemen who plays a good defensive role but can also chip in offensively. There is a lot of talk about him becoming the next big franchise defensemen for which ever team drafts him. He plays for Skellefteå of the Swedish Elite League, so he is already used to playing against men. He played very well in the 2011 World Junior Championships, although the Swedes as a team came up short.

Lessio, Lucas (can go in between 25-40)

Lessio is a big powerfull forward, but he has great skill and good speed. In his rookie season in the OHL he had 27 goals and 27 assists with the Generals. He is a very underated player in the upcoming draft but he could make a big impact down the road for which ever team drafts him

Le Sieur, Maximilien (can go in between 55-70)

Le Sieur may not be the tallest guy on the ice but he is well built, and fast. He is a physical menace and has a knack for finding open ice. Strong in front of the net, opponents will have a tough time moving him. He likes to drop the mitts and he can hold his own, he is also a very reliable two way forward. Should develop into a very good 3rd or 4th liner in the NHL.

Lockhart, Luke (can go in between 55-70)

The speedy little centre playing in Seattle drew some attention this year while playing with one of the lesser teams of the "W". He showed great skill with the puck as he put up 21 goals for 48 points in what was a break out CHL season for him. He is still a growing hockey player, the skill has not fully developed yet, it will be interesting to see what kind of numbers he puts up next year, which will be his fourth full season in the WHL. 

Lowry, Adam (can go in between 45-60)

The huge 6'4" power forward from out west may very well be the hardest hitting forward in the draft. He could become just another great NHL enforcer seeing how he is a terrific fighter but he can be much more. He is a pretty good skater and drives the net hard, he can easily be compared to Brian Boyle of the New York Rangers who finally learned to skate and is now scoring goals left and right. Lowry will make an impact in the NHL whether it's with his fists or his goals.