2012 Draft

Well the 2011 NHL Entry Draft has come and gone, and it was a thrilling ride. Some unexpected rising players such as Scheifele took the hockey world by surprise, equally surprising were some stars that fell a bit, Sean Couturier comes to mind. That being said Sadik and I had a fun time predicting that draft class all year long and for the most part we were quite pleased with our predictions, so much so that we are returning for 2012! With us this year is a new member of NHL Prospect News; Seamus. We hope to be able to once again predict the picks as accurately as possible and give you great information on the upcoming draft. Enjoy the 2012 NHL season as we prepare to study the draft class all year round.
- Alex

Hello NHL Prospect News followers,
As you may have noticed there have been a few changes made to our website, the biggest one being is that now al the articles and reporst on games are in the "Articles" section that can be accessed by clicking its tab on the menu bar. Second we have a whole new page logo and each Player Bio section has a main picture of four players in that section. So please enjoy the changes, you may now leave comments on articles, feedback is much appreciated.
- Alex MacDonald

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2011 NHL Mock Draft

With the first the pre draft rankings finally released it is time for the Entry Draft talk frenzy to begin. This year my close friend Sadik and I (Alex) have decided to go public with our thoughts and post our mock draft online. Our first mock draft will be posted most likely Friday or Saturday, it will be using the NHL standings of the morning of November 17th. Afterwards we will be updating our list every week or so to make adjustments such as; who picks where or who's stock has risen or plummeted. We look forward to entertaining you faithful hockey fans up until the draft and then afterwards a new season will begin meaning a new crop of prospects. However, as you may have noticed by the site name, this is not just a NHL Entry Draft site, we will be publishing articles of our own about prospects drafted or un-drafted. Further more we would be pleased if anyone would like to write an article for us about perhaps a prospect that you are very fond of. Just email us at nhlprospectnews@hotmail.ca and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

- Alex MacDonald

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